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LED strip light and AL profiles

А LED strip consists of a metal strip with tracks and a self-adhesive surface and LEDs are placed at regular intervals. Once the tape is installed and plugged into the power supply, it lights up all the way. LED strips make a great addition to any home or business environment. They are cheap and easy to install, and with their soft light create a pleasant mood.

The capabilities of using LED tapes are endless. A suitable LED bar can be installed indoors or outdoors, can be used as a color or ordinary lamp in almost any area. Different levels of brightness and color make LED strips a favorite and a source of light in many non-standard designs. Typical applications include:

Over- and under-kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets;

In panels and sills;

In suspended ceilings, facade lighting and around a bar;

In cabinets and cabinets;

Around entrances, windows, stairs and floors;

In gardens, paths, alleys and signs;

Illumination for Christmas or other festive occasions;

On the back of TVs and sound systems;

LED strip light and AL profiles
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